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The Rule of Law Expertise Programme

The Rule of Law Expertise Programme (ROLE) is an initiative funded by the Department for International Development and working to strengthen the rule of law and reduce poverty in developing countries by supporting the provision of legal and judicial expertise on a pro bono basis.

ROLE is a flexible and responsive resource; it receives applications for assistance from governments, civil society organisations and other bodies across 27 countries and subsequently sources individuals with the necessary legal and technical expertise and experience to assist.

ROLE’s support on assignments may be remote or in situ and its activities include:

  • Training and mentoring support on specific areas of law, judicial skills and advocacy;
  • Advice and support to review and develop legislation and regulatory frameworks;
  • Support to reform legal and judicial systems;
  • Strategic peer-to-peer relationship building and skills exchange; and
  • Analysing and advising on appropriate solutions to issues around the rule of law and access to justice.

Lawyers Against Poverty wholeheartedly supports ROLE and its work in the areas of equality and social justice, accountability and democracy, growth and investment and peace and security. Through engagement with and collaboration on assignments concerning policy, practices, behaviours and laws, ROLE is helping to increase access to justice, make systems and societies more open and fairer and reduce poverty in developing countries.

ROLE is managed by Advocates for International Development working with a consortium of other organisations including the Council of the Inns of Court, the Bar Human Rights Committee, the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, International Senior Lawyers Project UK, I-Probono and the Slynn Foundation. Please visit its website for more information.

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