Launch of Lawyer Twinning project

Launch of Lawyer Twinning project

A pilot twinning project for lawyers has been launched between Lawyers Against Poverty and the League of Women Lawyers in Tajikistan.

The intention of the twinning project is to not only aid the fight against poverty but to create a worldwide network of lawyers, interested in building personal and professional relationships across borders. Our aim is that those involved “will feel connected to a global community and experience progress in their professional work and development”.

The lawyers taking part in the programme will mostly be in the United Kingdom and Tajikistan, with some from Africa. Over time, the project will expand to include lawyers based in other countries. In Tajikistan, the project engages not only the League of Women Lawyers, but also the wider legal community, including the Ministry of Justice, Committee of Women and Family Affairs, Lawyer Chamber of Parliament and other practicing lawyers. The scheme also hopes to support solicitors who have fewer resources and for all participants to gain knowledge and insights into other legal systems that operate all over the world.

Each pair of ‘twins’ will provide guidance to one another, and it is hoped that this shared experience could lead to the possibility of future collaboration, making it a crucial networking opportunity.

If you are interested in becoming a twin, please download and complete our Twinning application form (docx; also available as a pdf) which also provides more information about what’s involved.