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Saving Lives

On 3 September 2018, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) released a new report showing that migrants making the journey across the Mediterranean are encountering a more perilous crossing than ever before.  Thus far in 2018, more than 1,600 individuals forced to flee their homes have lost their lives in transit. … Read more

Education Paves the Way

The European Commission has approved a new assistance package of €400 million for the education of Syrian refugees in Turkey. The action to approve the aid is the first following the decision by EU Member States on how to finance the second trance of €3 billion for the EU Facility… Read more

The Fight Continues

In 2011, 769 indigenous families were accused of occupying land belonging to Chabil Utzaj (a sugar mill) and evicted by force from Polochic Valley in Guatemala.  Years went by and nothing came of the commitment made by Otto Perez Molina, President of Guatemala at that time, to restore the land… Read more

Coming Up Short

In late 2015, Spain, along with other European countries, agreed to accept more asylum seekers in order to reduce the strain on Greece and Italy.  It made a commitment to accept at least 16,000 asylum seekers within the next two years.  Since that time, the crisis has increased in scale… Read more

Land But No Freedom

Oxfam has written a report exposing the exploitation of banana farmers in the Philippines: “Land But No Freedom: Debt, Poverty and Human Suffering in the Philippine Banana Trade”. Bananas can be harvested at all times and are consequently of very significant economic value.  In fact, they are among the most… Read more

Nowhere But Out

In June 2018, Oxfam issued a report documenting the failure of France and Italy to assist refugees stranded at the border in the small town of Ventimiglia.  An estimated 16,500 refugees and other migrants are staying in and around the town located 7km from the French border.  One in four… Read more

The Plight of the Rohingya

Oxfam has emphasised the need for urgent action to assist refugees as monsoon rains strike Rohingya camps in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh.  As of 15 June the rains have caused 130 landslides, destroyed 3,300 houses and affected 28,000 refugees.  A survey carried out among the refugees found that more than… Read more

Twinning with Tajikistan

Twinning story

Ms Zebo Sharifova is the Executive Director of the League of Women Lawyers in Tajikistan. She was paired with Nahalia Li during the process of rendering legal consultancy for less-protected rural women in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Ms Sharifova says of her experience: “This Twinning project is very important for me, as… Read more

Visit to Zataari Refugee Camp

In June 2016 a Lawyers Against Poverty delegation travelled to Amman in Jordan to consider the legal challenges facing refugees in the Zataari refugee camp as well as those living in host communities. The team had the opportunity of speaking to Syrian refugees who had fled the conflict and spent… Read more