Lawyers Against Poverty


Training on Economic & Social Rights from Just Fair

Lawyers Against Poverty (LAP) welcomed Jamie Burton QC and Helen Flynn from Just Fair, a UK non-profit advocating for the protection of economic and social rights (ESC) to deliver an ESC training for LAP members, outlining the key protections and priorities for organisations and lawyers working in this field.

Feminist Principles in Governance

Lawyers Against Poverty welcomed Patti Whaley, former Chair of Action Aid UK, to discuss how to understand and apply feminist principles in governance, what this means for advocacy and influencing and how to adapt and apply these strategies in other areas.

Social Justice Lawyering in Times of Crisis

Lawyers Against Poverty hosted a series of conversations on social justice lawyering in times of crisis, kicking off with a discussion between LAP co-founder and Oxfam’s General Counsel Joss Saunders and former UK Supreme Court Justice Lord Carnwath on the role of lawyers in the fight for climate justice.

Covid-19 and its Impact on Human Rights

In this webinar Oxfam and Lawyers Against Poverty addressed the question, ‘how do we rise to the challenge of ensuring that all peoples are afforded the fundamental rights of health and social protection in the midst of this global emergency?’

Lawyers, Land Transactions & Human Rights

This webinar, hosted by LAP’s Land Rights Group, discussed key themes set out in the guide: Due diligence, tenure and agricultural investment – A guide to the dual responsibilities of private sector lawyers advising on acquisition of land and natural resource published by UNFAO (2019)