Books without borders: Student book drives

Books without borders: Student book drives

Junior Lawyers Against Poverty (JLAP) is a Lawyers Against Poverty initiative to encourage student participation in issues relating to human rights and international development.

We are delighted to partner with the International Law Book Facility to engage JLAP groups in collecting used legal textbooks from law students and academic libraries. These are shipped out to libraries around the world, where there is a short supply of good quality legal texts.  

Despite the uncertainties and challenge for students during Covid-19, JLAP students have been as organised as ever, contributing to ILBF’s impressive efforts to ship over 5,000 books so far in 2021. ILBF recently thanked JLAP students for their “excellent professionalism and commitment to pro bono as well as great problem solving-skills.” Just this year:

  • University of Exeter JLAP group: collected and packed 6 boxes for Tanzania
  • University of Oxford JLAP group: collected and packed 5 boxes for Nigeria
  • University of Surrey JLAP group: collected and packed 9 boxes for Ghana

Here’s what JLAP students had to say about collaborating with ILBF:

As the University of Exeter’s JLAP group, we hope to help law students and projects across the world in any way we can. Increasing access to justice is a core aim of JLAP, and donating these books was something we were keen to do. 

Diana Ciurezu and Joel Crisp, University of Exeter JLAP group

Here at OxJLAP, we are grateful for the chance to help ILBF support the rule of law in Nigeria and excited about the opportunities the books we collected can provide for their recipients.

Maria Koniarz and the OxJLAP team

Working with the ILBF is an experience I will treasure dearly. As the books collected will enhance educational experiences of the next generation of future lawyers, such a feeling is enriching beyond words.

Dayna Wadia, University of Surrey JLAP group