Hunger Banquets

We want to encourage volunteers to raise funds in aid of the Lawyers Against Poverty Refugee Initiative by holding a hunger banquet. This is a dinner at which a couple of people are served an extravagant meal while everyone else has rice and water, creating an opportunity for open discussion of the economic deprivation and inequalities suffered by many refugees in the course of their lives – and for some fun!

The events can be informal, among friends at someone’s house, or more formal. For more formal events, we recommend inviting a speaker to offer thoughts on current refugee rights issues and to encourage discussion as well as having a host who can encourage attendees who may be interested to support the wider initiative by organising workshops and establishing work experience schemes. The host could also encourage attendees to subscribe as members of Lawyers Against Poverty.

Everyone is asked to bring a donation. These will be collected into a restricted fund and used to support strategic interventions to assist refugees (including direct assistance for refugees in Greece through the Greek Council for Refugees and European Lawyers in Lesvos). Our objectives in organising the hunger banquets are to: (i) offer volunteers an opportunity to organise an event in support of refugees; (ii) create an occasion for open discussion of refugee rights issues; (iii) raise awareness and funding in order to support strategic interventions to assist refugees.

We will advertise the events on our website and social media channels and are creating a set of materials for volunteers to use in order to organise and hold a hunger banquet. Please contact the coordinators of Lawyers Against Poverty, Emma Hammond and Louise Curd, via and if you would be interested in organising an event and we can send you the relevant materials and offer any additional assistance you may require.

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