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Upcoming Events

LAP Refugee Rights Group: ‘Interlinking Legal and Psychological Support in Uganda’ (Tuesday 7th June, 6-7pm UK)

Join Lawyers Against Poverty (LAP) on Tuesday 7th June (6-7pm UK) to welcome Daniel Ortega, Ugandan lawyer and CEO of the Centre for Community Development and Peaceful Coexistence (CECODEP) to talk about they work they do combining legal and psychological support for refugees and host communities in northern Uganda.

CECODEP offers legal services, psychological support and career guidance services to both refugees and post war conflict communities with a bias on vulnerable groups. Their recent research has demonstrated that many refugees feel detached from the law and Daniel will explore CECODEP’s strategies to combat this.

This is an open meeting welcoming anyone with an interest in the subject area.

LAP Land Rights and Women’s Rights Group: ‘Building Equitable Futures for All’ (Thursday, 9th June, 12-1pm UK)

We are excited to welcome Elisa Scalise from Resource Equity to a joint meeting of LAP’s Land Rights and Women’s Rights Groups to talk about the intersection of land rights and women’s rights and how we need to think about both to build a more equitable future. Resource Equity supports governments, donors, private corporations, NGOs, local advocates and others to develop actionable pathways between law and practice for women. Elisa will draw out insights for lawyers, civil society actors and government bodies on how we can start to tackle these issues collectively.

This is an open meeting welcoming anyone with an interest in the subject area.

Previous Events

Defending the Rule of Law: Costs & Privileges

To mark the Day of the Endangered Lawyer, LAP co-hosted a webinar with Peace Brigades International (PBI) UK and the Alliance for Lawyers at Risk to shine a light on the vital and often dangerous work of lawyers in regions where the rule of law is weak and connect international efforts to strengthen human rights around the world. The webinar was be chaired by first president of the UK Supreme Court Lord Phillips and featured a screening of the latest film produced by Manu Valcarce on the challenges lawyers face in upholding the rule of law.

Feminist Principles in Governance

Lawyers Against Poverty welcomed Patti Whaley, former Chair of Action Aid UK, to discuss how to understand and apply feminist principles in governance, what this means for advocacy and influencing and how to adapt and apply these strategies in other areas.

Social Justice Lawyering in Times of Crisis

Lawyers Against Poverty hosted a series of conversations on social justice lawyering in times of crisis, kicking off with a discussion between LAP co-founder and Oxfam’s General Counsel Joss Saunders and former UK Supreme Court Justice Lord Carnwath on the role of lawyers in the fight for climate justice.

With huge thanks to our speakers and everyone who joined us to mark the launch. The event was chaired by LAP Co-Chairs Richard Dyton and Kirsty Wilson.

  • Welcome from Lawyers Against Poverty, Emma Lough, LAP Director (1 – 5 min)
  • “The role of lawyers in the fight for climate justice”, Joss Saunders, Oxfam General Counsel & Lord Carnwath, Former UK Supreme Court Justice (5 – 25 min)
  • “Funding gender justice through Covid-19”, Hadeel Abdel Aziz, Justice Centre for Legal Aid, Jordan (25 – 35min)
  • “Taking action for refugees”, Adrian Henderson, LAP Refugee Legal Confidence Programme (42 – 56 min)
  • “Connecting a global legal community”, Pascale Bird, LAP Twinning Programme & Marina Bwile, Tamrat Assefa Liban Law Office (57 – 1.12min)
  • “Empowering a new generation of social justice advocates”, Naomi Sander, LAP Junior Lawyers Network & Katrina Crossley, International Law Book Facility (1.12 – 1.23 min)

COVID-19 and its Impact on Human Rights: a discussion with Oxfam

In the early days of the pandemic, Oxfam joined Lawyers Against Poverty to share insights into global response initiatives as Covid-19 spread. The impacts of the virus – and the response to it – have disproportionately affected disadvantaged people across the globe. The UN has highlighted the importance of ensuring healthcare and other measures protect the most vulnerable: older people, those with disabilities, minorities, indigenous peoples, refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, people deprived of their liberty, homeless people and those living in poverty. This webinar addressed the question, ‘how do we rise to the challenge of ensuring that all peoples are afforded the fundamental rights of health and social protection in the midst of this global emergency?’ 

LAP Land Rights Group: Lawyers, Land Transactions and Human Rights

This webinar, hosted by LAP’s Land Rights Group, discussed key themes set out in the guide: Due diligence, tenure and agricultural investment – A guide to the dual responsibilities of private sector lawyers advising on acquisition of land and natural resource published by UNFAO (2019).

Report on Lawyers Against Poverty and guest speakers event

On 14 November Lawyers Against Poverty hosted an evening of talks on the topic: How lawyers can use their legal skills in order to promote rule of law and access to justice. This discussion took place in the context of women’s rights and refugee support.

Read the event report.

We were delighted to welcome four speakers who gave up their time to talk with us about these issues:

Flourishing Diversity

Indigenous Leaders Listening Session: The Flourishing Diversity Series

Lawyers Against Poverty and Simmons & Simmons co-hosted a listening session with indigenous leaders as part of The Flourishing Diversity Series. Find out more about it in the event report below.

Read the event report.

Making Indigenous Land Rights a Reality

Making Indigenous Land Rights a Reality

Lawyers Against Poverty hosted a discussion at Simmons & Simmons, welcoming Professor Alexandra Xanthaki, Research Director at Brunel Law School and Joss Saunders, General Counsel of Oxfam GB to lead a discussion on the struggle to realise indigenous rights and what lawyers can do to help.

Read the event report.

Advancing Women's Rights

Advancing Women’s Rights Through Strategic Litigation and Other Tools

Members of Lawyers Against Poverty’s Women’s Rights Group hosted a discussion on the tools we can use most effectively to advance and assert women’s rights.

Read the event report.