Celebrating Pioneers on International Women’s Day

It is impossible to ignore the ways in which Covid-19 has exacerbated gender inequality around the world. But as we recognise the scale of the challenges that lie ahead, we mark International Women’s Day 2020 by celebrating those taking a stand for the rights of women everywhere. In the early… Read more

The Day of the Endangered Lawyer

To mark the Day of the Endangered Lawyer, LAP is joining forces with Peace Brigades International (PBI) and the Alliance for Lawyers at Risk to reflect on the privileges enjoyed by UK lawyers and shine a light on those paying a higher price to defend the rule of law around… Read more

LAP Event: Feminist Principles in Governance

Join us at 5:30pm on 18th January 2021 for our next event on Feminist Principles in Governance. We are delighted to welcome Patti Whaley, former Chair of Action Aid UK, to discuss how to understand and apply feminist principles in governance, what this means for policy, advocacy and influencing and… Read more

Lawyers Against Poverty Launch Event

Join us at 5:30pm (GMT) on Monday 30th November to reflect on “social justice lawyering in times of crisis” As we face the global realities of the climate crisis, political upheaval, forced migration and economic collapse, join us to celebrate the collective power of the legal community to take a… Read more

Lawyers Against Poverty – New Director

Lawyers Against Poverty is delighted to announce that it is now an independent charity and welcomes Emma Lough as its new Director  As LAP moves into its next phase, we want to take this opportunity to thank our members for their support of our work as Oxfam’s Lawyers Against Poverty… Read more

COVID-19 and its Impact on Human Rights: a discussion with Oxfam.  Tuesday 21 July 2020, 1900-2030.  Free webinar.

Join LAP for a discussion with Oxfam around COVID-19 and its Impact on Human Rights. The Covid-19 pandemic has already cost hundreds of thousands of lives and could also force millions into poverty.  The impacts of the virus – and the response to it – are disproportionately affecting disadvantaged people… Read more

LAP Land Rights Free Webinar: Lawyers, Land Transactions and Human Rights. Tuesday 16 June 2020, 1900-2015

Join LAP for a discussion on the impacts of agricultural investments on human rights and the responsibility of lawyers advising on such transactions Lawyers advising on agricultural investments have duties to advise their clients not only about the transactions in question, but also on the responsibility of business to prevent,… Read more

Report on Grant to Support Nairobi Strategic Litigation Conference – October 2019

Members will remember voting to support the inaugural conference in Nairobi on ‘Strategic Legal Mechanisms for Delivering Social and Economic Justice in Africa’ last October. The conference ran for 3 days at the University of Nairobi as a collaboration between Oxfam International and the University of Nairobi and was a… Read more