Twinning with Tajikistan

Twinning with Tajikistan

Ms Zebo Sharifova is the Executive Director of the League of Women Lawyers in Tajikistan. She was paired with Nahalia Li during the process of rendering legal consultancy for less-protected rural women in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Ms Sharifova says of her experience:

“This Twinning project is very important for me, as representative of the legal non-governmental organization of Tajikistan, that deal with protection of human rights, mainly pro bono for the poor and less-protected citizens, because during the sessions with my pair, Ms Nathalia Li, we exchange experiences.

For example, I introduce the related [to the family and VAW issues] legal norms of Tajikistan to my partner; we discuss and share experiences and our impressions on the process of protection the rights of poor and vulnerable people in Tajikistan. In addition, I get great satisfaction from communicating with professional and experienced lawyers of the Platform “Lawyers Against Poverty”, who are willing to share their practical advice and personal examples.

I am grateful to Natalia Li, who is my partner in this project, because our communication increases my knowledge and experience in the sphere of protection of human rights, and because she generously shares her experience with me. After our sessions, I feel elation!”

Ms Marina Shamilova, Partner in the Legal Consulting Group in Tajikistan, was the twin of Nancy Scott. She says:

“For me it was interesting to discuss issues relating to the Anglo-Saxon legal system, in particular, such a source of law as judicial precedent, as well as the UK transition state matters in connection with its exit from the European Union. For example, the effect of EU legislation on the UK in connection with its output, the fate of the agreements signed on behalf of the EU and their further application to the United Kingdom, and more.”