Please see below for volunteering opportunities offered both by LAP and other agencies.  Feel free to contact charities direct or to email us for more information. 

Call for volunteers from Action4Justice

Action4Justice is run almost entirely by volunteers. We need help from people with various skills to keep going and to do as much as possible to uphold rights and empower communities who most need it across the world.

Volunteering could involve:

  • Helping to research and draft materials for the platform
  • Helping to maintain and innovate the technical aspects of the platform
  • Helping to distribute the materials on the ground in your community

If you are interested in research, please let us know which legal areas you would be interested in. Generally, we are looking for you to have a master’s degree in Law, International Development or a similar field, or 2 years’ experience on a law related field.       

If you have other skills which you would like to assist us with, please let us know which skills you could assist with when contacting us.

Get in contact by emailing us at website.pil@googlemail.com and we can let you know if we have positions in the areas you are interested in.

Join us and help improve access to justice globally.

Book Drives

One of the activities we especially want to encourage volunteers to engage with is working alongside the International Law Book Facility (a small charity whose mission is to support the rule of law and access to justice through sharing legal knowledge) to organise shipments of second-hand legal textbooks to organisations around the world in need of such resources (such as universities, judiciaries, prisons and pro bono organisations).

We have already sent shipments to Eritrea, Namibia and Zimbabwe and are eager to continue this work as the lack of key texts and reference materials creates a serious impediment for students wanting to study law and become lawyers in many countries.

We can connect volunteers with the ILBF, which will identify an organisation to receive a shipment of books. The organisation then creates a list of desired titles and this is shared with the volunteers, who collect the books together (using sources including courts, chambers, university libraries, law libraries and law firms), raise funds to cover the cost of the shipment (and packing materials) and organise the books into boxes. The ILBF organises onward shipment.

By working with LAP and the ILBF, our intention is that volunteers can foster sustainable ties with an overseas institution and explore ways of working alongside one another to improve access to justice. Please email us if you are interested in volunteering.


Refugee Legal Confidence Sessions

We believe that a necessary implication of giving refuge is ensuring refugees receive effective support and yet access to advice and assistance for those who obtain the right to remain in the UK is often very limited.

With this fact in mind, Lawyers Against Poverty is working with volunteers and refugee community organisations across the country to offer the refugee community information on their rights in the UK. Our refugee confidence programme is intended to empower and support refugees in their efforts to move forwards and live as valuable and valued members of society.

In late 2017, we worked in close collaboration with charity Refugee Resource based in Oxford to design a course of information sessions on employment, criminal and family law. Since that time we have expanded the programme to include sessions on women’s rights, housing and finance and benefits and have delivered our second course in Oxford.  The programme seeks to provide information on basic legal rights and responsibilities – and is not designed to provide legal advice.  It is therefore ideally suited for students and junior lawyers to deliver in conjunction with their firm or educational establishment.

We now seek to roll out the programme elsewhere in the UK.  We have materials ready for volunteers who are interested in working with organisations in their community to offer refugee legal confidence sessions. We can also work with volunteers to create new sessions to meet the needs of specific organisations. A number of working groups are established in London, Surrey and Bristol.  If you are interested in establishing a working group in your area, or want to join an existing group, please email refugees@lawyersagainstpoverty.org


Interested in writing a regular or one-off blog? We welcome submissions on a range of issues related to development and the law are always happy to discuss topics. We especially want to encourage submissions on refugee rights, women’s rights and indigenous rights to land. Please email us if you are interested in writing for our blog.


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