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Twinning with Tajikistan

Twinning with Tajikistan

Launched in March 2016, the Twinning Programme connects lawyers in the UK with those working in less developed countries. It offers an opportunity to create and maintain personal and professional relations, support lawyers with fewer resources and gain insight into some of the challenges faced by lawyers in other countries as well as other legal systems.

The Twinning Programme uses a very simple model, operating by way of monthly remote meetings over a one-year period. Each set of twins engages in sessions of approximately 45 to 90 minutes. Our pilot project connected members of the League of Women Lawyers in Tajikistan (and the wider legal community) with members of Lawyers Against Poverty.

We received very encouraging feedback after our first year and will share this in due course. We are now working to extend the Twinning Programme to twin lawyers in the UK with lawyers from Africa. If you are interested in becoming a twin, you can complete our Twinning Application Form (also available as a pdf) which contains more information about what would be involved. Please email us if you are interested in working with us or if you have any questions about the Twinning Thematic Group.

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  • Twinning with Tajikistan
    Ms Zebo Sharifova is the Executive Director of the League of Women Lawyers in Tajikistan. She was paired with Nahalia Li during the process of rendering legal consultancy for less-protected rural women in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Ms Sharifova says of her experience: “This Twinning project is very important for me, as representative of the legal non-governmental organization ...
  • Launch of Lawyer Twinning project
    A pilot twinning project for lawyers has been launched between Lawyers Against Poverty and the League of Women Lawyers in Tajikistan. The intention of the twinning project is to not only aid the fight against poverty but to create a worldwide network of lawyers, interested in building personal and professional relationships across borders. Our aim is ...

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