Thematic Groups

Thematic Groups offer you the chance to get more involved in our work. The Groups meet regularly, and you’ll have the option to undertake further project work between meetings. They offer an excellent opportunity to expand your legal knowledge and to get involved in an issue that interests you.

Once you have joined Lawyers Against Poverty, you are welcome to join any of the Groups, whether or not you have existing specialist knowledge of that Group’s subject area. Interest and a commitment to improving access to justice for developing communities is ultimately what we ask of our Thematic Group members.

You’ll find below details of our existing Thematic Groups. They tend to meet via telecon and occasionally face to face. Groups get involved in supporting Lawyers Against Poverty events and some hold events, meetings and training to attract new members.

Oxfam Calendar - Haiti

If you have an interest in a particular area of access to justice which isn’t covered by an existing Thematic Group, please email us. We’d be delighted to discuss the possible creation of a new Group.

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