We’ve set out below some stories of people who have been helped by Oxfam’s existing work in this field. We want to build on these solid foundations. Please help us by joining us today.

You’ll also find information about just some of the communities Lawyers Against Poverty would like to help more. Oxfam regularly supply to our programme ongoing proposals for key legal projects in which access to justice would help to relieve poverty and injustice in developing communities.

Tika’s story

A short documentary is now available following the story of Tika Darlami, a woman living in Nepal who used to have serious trouble communicating with other people and becoming involved

Sentinels of Forests

The forest areas of Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra are extremely rich in natural resources and primarily populated with adivasis who have lived here for generations.

Gender-based violence and women’s property rights

Two of the biggest barriers faced by Ugandan women are gender-based violence and unequal access to land. Although a Domestic Violence Act was passed in 2010, there has been no budget allocation to support its implementation

Access to justice

A female prisoner in Al Mansaura prison, Yemen. There are over 1,000 female prisoners in Yemen. Most of them are there for accusations of adultery or theft. Some are as young as 14.

Right to food, including land rights and food security laws

Abigail Romulo is a famer in the Aurora province, Philippines. She is fighting for her family’s land. In 2010, she discovered that a tenant had sold her land without her consent to the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport (APECO).

Legal support for governments and lawyers in developing communities

In 2013, the first global Arms Trade Treaty was adopted at the UN General Assembly following over ten years of campaigning by the Control Arms Coalition, in which Oxfam played a key role.

Mahmadaliev Saivali, Vaksh, Tajikistan

Mahmadaliev Saivali is the head of a Community Based Organisation (CBO) in a village called Rudaki in the Vaksh region of Tajikistan. A grant from Oxfam helped the CBO rebuild a local school that had been destroyed in Tajikistan’s civil war.

Najbiddinova Bibiniso, Vaksh, Tajikistan

Najbiddinova Bibiniso is the leader of a women’s producer group called “Bakht” which is supported by Oxfam’s GEM Project in Tajikistan. The Bakht producer group is made up of 18 female farmers who each have separate plots of land

Avliyoeva Zanjira, Vaksh, Tajikistan

Avliyoeva Zanjira runs a mobile legal clinic providing legal advice to people living in rural villages in the Vaksh region of Tajikistan.

Avliyoeva studied at the Technological University of Tajikistan in Dushanbe and practised as a lawyer for eight years.

These people are just some of those you could help by joining Lawyers Against Poverty


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