Current Projects

Zaatari Camp

Visit to the Zaatari Camp in Jordan

Lawyers Against Poverty is currently contributing funding to help:

Refugees and asylum seekers in Greece to access timely and effective legal advice in advance of the interview which establishes their immigration status; this is vital in order to make sure that individuals disclose the information necessary to ensure their status is appropriately determined.

The Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa to pursue proceedings against Nigeria in the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice on behalf of Mary Sunday, a victim of domestic violence whose allegations were never effectively investigated and whose attacker, a serving police officer, was never prosecuted.  Find out more here.

The Equal Rights Trust and the Human Rights Commission in Pakistan to combat discrimination by increasing the capacity of civil society lawyers, both technically and financially, to advise victims of discrimination and creating the conditions whereby such advice can be accessed safely by anyone who needs it.

Below is a brief description of some of our previous programmes.

Uganda: Implementing women’s rights legislation

We delivered training on the implementation of legislative reforms alongside our partner, the Ugandan Women’s Network, to women’s groups and civil society activists in order to enable them effectively to advocate the government to implement laws on women’s rights.

Jordan: Visit to Zaatari

In 2016, five members of Lawyers Against Poverty travelled to Jordan to visit the Zaatari Camp.  The team was able to speak with refugees who had fled from Syria and heard about the many challenges within the camp.  They also heard about the difficulties faced by refugees living in urban areas, including limited access to legal advice, lack of identification documents and discrimination against refugee women and girls.  Lawyers Against Poverty continued this work by assisting the Oxfam teams in Jordan with legal research and other support.

UK: Litigating Women’s Rights

In 2015, we made a small grant to facilitate “Litigating Women’s Rights Globally” in London, which offered an excellent opportunity for participants to examine some of the challenges for strategic litigation on women’s rights, working with lawyers from Gambia and Uganda.

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