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Oxfam General Counsel and Lawyers Against Poverty co-founder Joss Saunders says:

‘If we are ever going to see a just world without poverty – a world in which all people can influence decisions that affect their lives, enjoy their rights, and assume their responsibilities as full citizens of the world – we need a programme dedicated to helping fight injustice.

‘Lawyers Against Poverty is a network of individual lawyers who are committed to helping people to break free from poverty, through their personal and financial commitment.

‘Please join with us to help shape and fund this vital work.’

Thank you

By joining Lawyers Against Poverty and making a regular donation, your membership enables us to identify, facilitate and sometimes fund strategic legal projects which support access to justice in developing communities. As part of the Lawyers Against Poverty network you will be able to get involved in our wide range of activities and know that together we are working to eradicate poverty.

If you are resident outside the UK, please email us for information on how to join via your national Oxfam organisation.

and help make access to justice a reality

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