Our Corporate Supporters: How can firms help?

There are a number of other ways in which law firms and associated companies can support our work.

Become an Associate Member

For law firms, barristers chambers, in-house teams and other legal organisations we have developed a Lawyers Against Poverty annual associate membership. Associate membership represents an excellent opportunity to support the continuation of the Lawyers Against Poverty initiative. We are always delighted to come and talk about the project and discuss how your firm, chambers or company can get involved. Please contact Joss Saunders, Oxfam General Counsel, for more information.

Work experience: Refugee Communities

Under this scheme law firms and law teams in other organisations offer work experience to members of the refugee community within the UK. These schemes often have a very positive effect on the future career paths of the individuals concerned and also benefit the legal community as a whole by promoting diversity and equality of opportunity. For more information, please email us.

Oxfam Calendar - Iraq

Insight Days

We are working on a refugee legal orientation/awareness course for law firms and businesses to deliver to members of the refugee community within their local area. We believe this will be an excellent opportunity for law firms to connect with their refugee community and to discuss the rights and obligations of living in the UK. We are looking for law firms to get involved in this project.

Bespoke Events

Since the establishment of Lawyers Against Poverty, we have run bespoke events at law firms to talk about the work we do. We always welcome the opportunity to run these events and it is great way of finding out how staff and your organisation can get involved.

Sponsorship of visits

We think it’s vital that we raise awareness among lawyers of the role access to justice can play in fighting poverty. As part of this work, we organise overseas visits to developing communities. This enables our members to witness first-hand the enormous impact of legal issues on the lives of poor men and women across the world, and to spread the word among their colleagues upon their return to their own countries, for example our visit in 2016 to the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. Whilst members meet their own costs in undertaking such visits, any sponsorship would be welcomed and would enable us to publicise more widely the insights gained from such visits.

Provision of venues

We regularly hold events which are open to lawyers from a range of firms about the work we do and to ask them to become involved. We are always very grateful to law firms for the provision of a large meeting room within their offices and for their assistance in raising awareness of the event internally among their own lawyers.

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