What We Do – Our Activities

Lawyers Against Poverty supports legal projects as a means to eradicate poverty. Funding for such projects can be limited and there are many important projects to support. Lawyers Against Poverty works by offering members the opportunity of contributing to our Justice Fund, and then using those subscriptions to support key strategic legal projects.  Whilst LAP’s executive board sources and vets potential projects, members subscribing to the Justice Fund are able to vote on which projects to support.  We also offer members the opportunity to get involved in our work.

We have created a number of thematic groups which offer an excellent opportunity to develop your legal knowledge and undertake meaningful work in key areas.

For those who are studying law and who have yet to qualify, we have created Junior Lawyers Against Poverty. We have also created regional groups where lawyers can take part in and plan local events and activities.

Whilst we currently operate primarily from the UK, we want to encourage lawyers from developed and developing communities to work together to enable people to enjoy their legal rights. We’ve established a twinning programme with lawyers from developing communities and undertake overseas visits as part of such schemes.

We hold regular events on topical issues and extend email invitations to all our members. From time to time we also seek volunteers to work with us on specific projects.

Finally, we believe passionately that aspiring lawyers in developing nations should be able to access legal education, resources and careers advice, so that they too can join our global community of lawyers fighting injustice. We are working on a university twinning scheme, whereby university law departments in developing countries can connect with their counterparts in the UK, sharing experiences and knowledge.

and help make access to justice a reality

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