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Twinning Programme

The Twinning Programme pairs lawyers in different regions to support one another through peer mentorship. The programme offers an opportunity to create and maintain personal and professional relations, support lawyers facing different professional challenges and gain an insight into some of the common issues faced by lawyers in other regions and jurisdictions.

We use a simple model, matching members and supporting them through monthly remote meetings over a one-year period. Find out more about how this works in our Twinning Guide. If you’re an LAP member and would like to sign up already, complete our Twinning Questionnaire so we can match you with someone in the network. If you have any questions about our Twinning Programme, get in touch.

I get great satisfaction from communicating with professional and experienced lawyers of Lawyers Against Poverty, who are willing to share their practical advice and personal examples. I am grateful to Natalia Li, who is my partner in this project, because our communication increases my knowledge and experience in the sphere of protection of human rights, and because she generously shares her experience with me. After our sessions, I feel elation!

Ms Zebo Sharifova, the Executive Director of the League of Women Lawyers in Tajikistan

Twinning Member Experience

Twinning Experience

Twinning Information Pack

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