Refugee Legal Confidence Sessions

Refugees require legal assistance at each stage of their movement from country of origin to reception. Access to immigration advice in countries of transit and reception is often limited as is wider support once an individual obtains the right to remain. Lawyers Against Poverty has created a series of workshops to offer members of the refugee community information on their rights as individuals living in the UK in the areas of employment, criminal and family law. The programme was launched in February 2020 by Lady Hale at Surrey University and LAP members are currently running workshops in partnership with several refugee organisations in the UK.

We encourage volunteers to use the existing workshop materials and work alongside local refugee agencies to deliver the sessions. There is scope to adapt the sessions according to the needs of participants, the resources available and your own expertise. We have put together a Refugee Legal Confidence Sessions – Induction Pack for members interested in setting up a group.

If you would like to get involved, contact us. Check our Volunteering page for other volunteer opportunities.

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