Lawyers Against Poverty

Our Team

Emma Lough, Director

Emma Lough


Emma is responsible for overseeing LAP’s strategic operations. She has 10 years’ experience working on human rights and access to justice in the non-profit sector.

Richard Dyton, Trustee

Richard Dyton


Richard is a Partner at Simmons & Simmons and Head of International Projects and Chair of the Legal Response Initiative and the London Legal Support Trust.

Kirsty Wilson, Trustee

Kirsty Wilson


Kirsty is a Partner at Baker & McKenzie and leads their group specialising in global reorganisations.

Spencer Simmons, Trustee

Spencer Simmons


Spencer is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and was previously a Partner in Haslers Chartered Accountants. He has also supported organisations as a volunteer for the charity Accounting for International Development.

Caroline Ndindi, Trustee

Caroline Ndindi


Caroline is legal counsel for WWF International and has over 15 years’ experience as in-house legal counsel supporting organisations to achieve their objectives.

Joss Saunders, Trustee

Joss Saunders


Joss is the General Counsel of Oxfam International and Oxfam GB. He is one of the co-founders of Advocates for International Development and the Legal Response Initiative as well as Lawyers Against Poverty.

Anna Kirkpatrick, Trustee

Anna Kirkpatrick


Anna is Senior Associate at Clifford Chance specialising in international arbitration, international law, business and human rights.

Nikki Elliott, Trustee

Nikki Elliott


Nikki is in-house legal counsel for DHL Technology and Telecoms and was previously in-house counsel at AET.

Louise Curd, Trustee

Louise Curd


Louise practised as a solicitor for 10 years before transitioning into the charity sector. She has been involved with LAP since 2017 and is a passionate supporter of access to justice work.

Susan Jackson, Trustee

Susan Jackson


Sue is a retired lawyer, having spent her career specialising in food law and employment law. She is also a Trustee of the charity Oxfordshire Youth.

Pascale Bird

Pascale Bird

Trustee & Twinning Programme Lead

Pascale is a qualified solicitor and Legal Officer and Advice Coordinator at Legal Response International.

Naomi Passman, Trustee

Naomi Passman

Trustee & Women’s Rights Group Lead

Naomi is Head of European Programmes and Local Growth at the Department for Communities and Local Government and Chair of Redbridge Action Against Domestic Abuse.

Emily Blower, Trustee

Emily Blower

Trustee & Ethical Business Group Lead

Emily is Supervising Associate at Simmons & Simmons in their Litigation & Arbitration practice group and has a special interest in Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) disputes.

Kinnari Bhatt

Kinnari Bhatt

Land Rights Group Lead

Kinnari is a lawyer working in sustainable finance with a PhD on implementing indigenous land rights.

Adrian H, Trustee

Adrian Henderson

Refugee Rights Group Lead

Adrian is an employment lawyer and leads the Refugee Rights Group. He has also supported the development of LAP’s Legal Confidence Programme.

Naomi S, Trustee

Naomi Sander

JLAP Coordinator

Naomi Sander is a qualified solicitor and has led the work of the Junior Lawyers Against Poverty (JLAP) network since it was first established.