About Us

Launched in June 2015, Lawyers Against Poverty is a growing membership network of lawyers who are passionate about fighting the injustice of poverty. We recognise that injustice and inequality are big factors in keeping people in poverty. Our vision is to build a community of lawyers across the globe who use access to justice to relieve poverty.

Launch of Lawyers Against Poverty in 2015

Join Us

Since its creation, Lawyers Against Poverty has worked to ensure that the poorest communities can access the protection of the law. Your membership of enables us to identify, facilitate and sometimes fund strategic legal projects which support access to justice in developing communities. We currently focus on the following areas:

  • Gender-based violence and women’s property rights
  • Access to justice and legal empowerment
  • Right to food, including land rights and food security laws
  • Legal support for governments, NGOs, universities and lawyers in developing communities
  • Climate change and other strategic litigation
  • Legal support for refugees and asylum seekers

and help make access to justice a reality

What we offer our members

We offer lots of opportunities to get involved in our work which enables members to network and enhance their professional skills.

Working together

When we join together as a community of lawyers, our collective efforts provide a great opportunity to influence and to bring about real change in relieving poverty. Being a part of Lawyers Against Poverty enables members to work together on projects and speak out against poverty.

How we are governed

Overall we are governed by Oxfam and its trustees. In addition we have an Advisory Board and elect a Steering Committee comprised of our members.

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