LAP Land Rights Free Webinar: Lawyers, Land Transactions and Human Rights. Tuesday 16 June 2020, 1900-2015

Join LAP for a discussion on the impacts of agricultural investments on human rights and the responsibility of lawyers advising on such transactions

Lawyers advising on agricultural investments have duties to advise their clients not only about the transactions in question, but also on the responsibility of business to prevent, address and mitigate any consequential human rights impacts under legal frameworks including UN guidelines, and of any potential conflict with internal ESG policy.  

Our free webinar will discuss the key themes set out in the guide: Due diligence, tenure and agricultural investment – A guide to the dual responsibilities of private sector lawyers advising on acquisition of land and natural resource published by UNFAO (2019). We will put that guidance in the current legal and commercial contexts and seek to answer your questions.


  • Kate Cook of Matrix Chambers, author of the guide, published by UNFAO (2019)
  • Lucy Claridge, Senior Counsel & Head of Strategic Legal Response at Forest People’s Programme,
  • Chris Owen, Litigation Partner at Simmons & Simmons LLP

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