Visit to Zataari Refugee Camp

In June 2016 a Lawyers Against Poverty delegation travelled to Amman in Jordan to consider the legal challenges facing refugees in the Zataari refugee camp as well as those living in host communities.

The team had the opportunity of speaking to Syrian refugees who had fled the conflict and spent time hearing about the extreme pressures they face within the camp. With no forseeable opportunity of returning home or living independently, refugees in Zataari face a bleak life. They also heard of difficulties faced by Syrian refugees living in urban areas which include accessing legal advice, lack of identification documents and the impact this has on access to education and healthcare.

The team met with one of Oxfam’s partners and learned of their work with women and girls facing domestic violence and early marriage. They heard of the discrimination against refugee women and girls, and the considerable protection issues relating to them.

This visit led to a project in which Lawyers Against Poverty provides legal research and support to the Oxfam teams in Jordan.

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