A tale of two women

As part of Lawyers Against Poverty Week, 9BRi, ICLB and ARC follow the story of Zanjira, a woman who runs a legal clinic in Tajikistan, and her client Najbiddinova Bibiniso.

The study was published last year by Catherine Dunmore, an international arbitration lawyer in Paris, and explores the challenges that both Zanjira and Najbiddinova had to overcome.

Upon completing her law studies at the Tajikistan University of Technology in Dushanbe and achieving her diploma, Zanjira worked as a lawyer for eight years. As of 2015, she works in the south of Tajikistan, running a mobile legal clinic to offer advice to the villagers in the region of Vaksh. With our support, Zanjira organizes workshops on matrimonial rights and access to justice to educate women about their rights.

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